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Working through a home design project should be fun. The key part of making it fun is to communicate

effectively and understand what to expect within the process.

Here is a breakdown of the steps we take together.

phase 1

Pre-Design: The Introduction Phase

Initial Meeting- We meet for a project introduction where I see your space.  I get an overall sense of your project scope, budget, and intent. 

Proposal-  ZOB develops and provides a proposal based on the scope of work and the project needs. 

Design Consultation- Once officially engaged, we start the design process with a Design Consultation.  During this time we put together an imagery board, discuss styles, preferences, must-haves vs wish-lists.  We talk about schedules, budgetary items, priorities, concerns, site considerations, etc. 

Site Analysis and Observation-  We measure the existing conditions of the home that will be integral or affect the project, and record them for future modeling.

phase 1

Conceptual Design: SD &DD Phase

Schematic Design-  Existing conditions are drawn, early conceptual ideas are explored, layouts are established and considered, and styles start to be integrated within the project.

Design Development- Refinements are made to the project as we explore layout, material selections, and design direction together through various meetings or progress sessions. 

Conceptual Package-  A formal Conceptual Package will be completed and presented.  At this time, we send this to various builders to get ballpark pricing in order to establish a pricing track.  This helps us understand if we are within budget, what we may need to do to stay within budget, or what opportunities we may still have to explore. 

phase 1

Contract Documents: CD Phase

Builders Notes and Response-  Once we receive some notes and early pricing, we make appropriate adjustments to the project based on contractor feedback. 

Formally engage Consultants-  We bring on board Structural Engineers as needed, MEP, Civil, Landscape etc. as the project dictates.  This step will be initiated earlier in the project, but the timing of officially formalizing these consultants varies from project to project. 

Contract Documents-  The project then progresses through a CD set of drawings to be used for final pricing.  Materials are specified, finishes are chosen and finalized, colors may be determined or at least explored, and overall Basis of Design is communicated throughout the set. 

Permit Set-  After review, we finalize and present a Permit Set of drawings for pricing bids.  We also incorporate all Consultant drawings accordingly. 

phase 1

Contract Administration: CA Phase

Contract Administration (CA) - During the project construction phase, ZOB performs site observations to communicate with the owner, builder, and any consultants involved within the project.  This is to help maintain the design intent, understand and relay curveballs that are discovered during construction (inevitable), and help to provide solutions to challenges met during the building process.  This involvement helps curate a successful project to the end.  

Cheers! – Time to celebrate!  Projects of any magnitude most often provide a life changing enhancement to the space you call home.